new clippings go to random project

When I use the Services command called “Scrivener: Make new clipping,” the new clipping gets sent to one of the open projects at random. There doesn’t seem to be any way to control it.

What am I missing here? Is this a bug? Is there actually some way to direct the clipping to a particular project?

It should just be whatever project you had last focussed.

Maybe yours goes there, but mine doesn’t. I’ve been watching, and it seems to go to any open Scrivener project at random.

Well, as I said, that is how it should be working, that is how it is designed to work. If it is not working that way for you, then there must be some condition causing the programmed behaviour to fail somehow: a bug potentially in Scrivener (though I should point out that focussing issues and the Services system in general is in the domain of OS X, so you could be hitting a Mac quirk or bug, too). Are there any conditions that might make things more complicated than having a couple of plain project windows open? For instance, do you use a lot of QuickReference panels, and are they set to float or not? How about other floating windows, or palettes and such in general? Do you make use of 10.7+ Full Screen mode? Etc.

I would suggest experimenting a bit, see if minimizing complexity causes things to work the way they should, and then gradually build your workspace back to what represents a typical session. Try starting with two open project windows and nothing else, then go from there. If you find a condition that causes Services to start flailing around and impacting random projects, let me know what it took and I’ll try to reproduce the problem over here. If it’s a systematic problem we can perhaps fix it.

Also let me know what your OS X and Scrivener version numbers are.