New collection from cork board

Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious here please, but is there any way to create a new collection from a group of cards on the cork board? In the binder, I can select several files, right-click, and have the option to create a new collection, but I can’t seem to do so from the cork board. Thanks!

Yes, I believe you are referring to the contextual menu in the binder. Contextual menus are nearly always convenience collections of commands located elsewhere. Commonly used things that are placed in one tidy place so you don’t have to always be using the main application menus. The Documents/Add to Collection/ sub-menu is nearly always available. Even when editing a document in Scrivenings. Additionally the + button for making new collections above the tab view will use the current active selection, too.

Thank you so much! As always, you are a fount of knowledge :smiley: