New comer's cross-platform question

Hello Peeps.

I finally took the plunge and purchased Scrivener for MacOS (version 3). So taken by it was I, that very soon after I bought the Windows version. Sadly I didn’t realise that there was no direct compatibility between versions, so I decided to download the older version for my Mac.

Long story short, Is there a way I can use my version 3 Mac License on an older version?



Scrivener 2.9 for Mac should accept your Scrivener 3 license just fine.

The other solution is to install the Windows Scrivener 3 beta, which is compatible with Mac v. 3. But bear in mind that it is a beta and you may encounter issues with it.


Thanks for the advice!

I have grabbed Scriv for iOS in the meantime; that’ll keep me honest for a while :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Hi, related question. I’m just about to purchase Scrivener 3. I use a Mac (Mojave 14) at home, and PC (Windows 7) at work. I’d rather not buy two licenses. Can one license be used on both? Which should I get?

The Mac and Windows versions are separate products, requiring separate licenses.

It is not yet possible to purchase a Windows Scrivener 3 license, since that product is still in beta. If you purchase a current license (Windows Scrivener 1.9), you’ll be entitled to upgrade for free once Windows Scrivener 3 is released.


Thanks. Should I expect any problems saving between Mac 3 and Windows 1.9? I realise this is being discussed in a gazillion other threads, but I haven’t read anything since January.

Mac 3 and Windows 1.9 are different project formats and are not directly transferable. Mac 3 is version 3, Windows 1.9 is version 2.

When you open a version 2 project with Mac 3, it will ask you if it is okay to convert it. You have to convert in order to use it. Once it is converted, it will save as version 3 and no longer be compatible with Windows 1.9.

However, Mac 3 has an “Export to 2” function which exports a copy of your project back to version 2.

Windows 1.9 reads and writes version 2 only.

The Windows 3 beta reads and writes version 3. It will do the same one-time conversion from a version 2 project, but it does NOT yet have the “Export to 2” function.