New Computer and trying to access saved project on dropbox

I replaced my computer so saved my existing project to dropbox. I’m trying to open it on the new computer, to no avail.

I’ve tried opening the .scriv folder via File > Open and nothing happens.

I’ve tried importing the .scriv folder via Tools > Options > Import > Scrivener Project and get a blank project, none of the existing files are imported although a project is created.

Here is the link to the dropbox. … YTcfa?dl=0

I notice the .scriv folder is inside a folder called Draft, so I’m wondering if that is the issue. I can see from the manual that Draft folders are different to project folders. Having said that, all the info is there, in rtf files. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t see a .scrivx file in there anywhere. That one’s essential.

That link was worth a 1000 words.

You used the External Folder Sync feature, intended to let you edit your binder entries with programs other than Scrivener. You can edit any of those RTF files in any program that can read them properly, and then when you get back to Scrivener on the original computer that created those files, make it import those changes. But those files do not make up a proper Scrivener project.

What you want to do is this: Go to the original computer, open your project(s) in Scrivener, and use File->Save As… to save a copy of your project to your Dropbox folder. That will safely get your complete project onto Dropbox. Let it finish syncing, then move to your new computer, make sure it’s done downloading changes to it’s copy of the Dropbox folder, and you’re good to go.

If you no longer have access to the original computer, you can import all of the files you created using External File sync by dragging them from Windows’ file explorer into a new Scrivener project. You won’t have some of the original metadata, (synopsis, document notes, etc…), but all your words will then be in Scrivener again.

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thanks rdale, I thought they might hold the key!

I no longer have my original computer, it died and I got to save a few things before it conked completely. So, now this is all I have. Maybe I just open a new project and add each file individually. Unless you have any better ideas?

And I’ve set my backup options to dropbox so this won’t be an issue in the future. I lost my local backup.

Importing the entire folder will be about the best you can do.

And yeah, external backups are your friend.


If you get impatient with dropbox syncing before you sleep/shut down your computer, consider setting up Google Drive on your new computer for use as a backup destination. Once you have the Google Drive app installed and configured, go to Tools->Options->Backup and change the backup location to GD. Also, be sure to use the ZIP compression option for automatic backups, and consider upping the number of backups per project kept from the default of 5.

That gives you two advantages: 15 Gigabytes more storage devoted to backups, and quicker Dropbox syncs. Typically when you close Scrivener, it only has to delete a lock file, but if it also has to upload a new backup copy of your project, it may be a while before your ‘live’ project is done syncing.

Thanks, I’ll add the google drive option in zip. Sounds good.