New computer to replace old one

I trust this is the correct forum for my question; it’s a potential problem I want to ask about.

If I need to replace my current Mac with a new one, will I need to buy the Scrivener program again?

Short answer – no.
If you purchased through the Apple App Store, you can download your new Scrivener copy automatically after logging in. If you purchased via the eSellerate L&L on-line shop, then simply download the programme again, and enter your licence key (contact L&L if you no longer have that key, and they’ll resend). You will have to activate the new copy of Scrivener with eSellerate, but that’s a simple process.

Hope this helps.

Also, if you or family members in your household have the same kind of computer (Macs, in your case), or if you have more than one mac, you can run Scrivener on all of them (I think the upper limit is 5) with the same Mac license.