New D/L OK but can't access old files

Just downloaded the new Scrivener. All my previous Scrivener files and backups (*.scriv, *.scrivx) appear to be on the machine but the new version does not see them (menu on the left side of the screen is blank) and I cannot access them. Help?

Not sure what menu you’re referring to (in the “new project” window?), but if you browse the .scriv folder and double-click on that project’s .scrivx file, the project should open in Scrivener.

Yes, it should do that but it doesn’t.

I’m entering new text now. I can save and open it as you describe, but when I attempt to open the old files a blank page shows instead.

We need to establish some terms, so we’re both talking about the same thing.

Project: That’s the .scriv folder and all of its contents (the corresponding .scrivx file, and folders that contain other files & other other folders). When you double-click on a .scrivx file inside of an intact .scriv folder, Scrivener should open a window and display that project’s contents.

Binder: The list of files and folders on the left side of the Scrivener window when you have a project open.

Editor: The area where you type the text of your documents, or where other types of information are displayed when you click on a folder or document in the binder; an image file in the binder, when clicked, will display the image in the editor. A folder, when clicked, may display a cork board in the editor, which can be switched to an outline view, or a “scrivenings” view of multiple documents, all temporarily stitched together.

Inspector: The pane to the right of the editor. It shows a synopsis card at the top (sometimes), and notes below (sometimes), or other things, depending on which of the small icons at its top are selected.

Documents & Folders: These are the things listed in the binder. When clicked on, they are displayed in the Editor.

From re-reading your post, I think you’re saying that you open a project, and when you click on documents in the binder, which used to have text in them, they’re blank (in the editor). Is this correct? If you add text to a document, close the project, and re-load the project into Scrivener, does that text show up when you select the appropriate document?

Is there anything special about where these projects are stored (in a Dropbox or iCloud folder, for instance)? Did you copy these projects from some other medium (a flash drive, backup device, etc…)?