New document doesn't sync correctly from iOS.

When I create a new document in the iOS version, and then go back and sync to the computer it always goes into a “Recovered Files” folder and erases the title that I named the document. The first time this happened I thought it was just me, but it has now happened several times, and I don’t think I’m doing anything outside of syncing protocol. This only happens when I create the document in the iOS version.

Hope the info helps sort out any bugs.


Are you opening the new project like any other scriv project?

Are you waiting for the dropbox app to download everything from the dropbox server before opening the project?

I am not sure if this is with the project remaining open on the computer or me opening it fresh on the computer. I’m fairly certain I’ve had it happen with both scenarios, but I will check.

Yes. Positive of it.

(my bold)

If you have a project open on the computer while opening, editing and saving it on the iDevice, I can almost guarantee that you will have problems and will get conflicts/recovered files.

But you wrote that it happened with new projects, created on the iDevice? In that case the project can’t have been open on the desktop, right? So how did you open the project the first time on your computer, after having created it on the iDevice?

It is also the case that when you hit sync in iOS scriv when you are done with the project, you have to stay there until the sync finishes (it will not complete in the background or during device sleep).

I tried to reproduce the phenomenon reported, but have not succeeded.

No, no. When I create a new document inside a project, not a new project. That’s when I have the issues.

As to the bolded part, isn’t it supposed to work with the project still open? That’s what the blog said, I’m fairly sure. I’m still very much waiting for Dropbox to sync up before going back to Scrivener in the computer and having it sync then.

The instructions are very clear.

  • save the project on the desktop, and close it.

  • wait for dropbox to upload changed files

  • open Scrivener on the iDevice

  • wait until changed files have been downloaded from dropbox

  • edit, and when done back out to the project screen

  • tap the circular sync/save arrows and wait until everything is saved/synced

back at the desktop

  • wait for dropbox to download changed files from the server
  • open the project and start editing

If you follow this procedure everything will work just fine

This is from the blog:

“You are free to leave the project open on your Mac or Windows machine while you use and edit it on iOS. After you sync, the changes will be detected and incorporated into the project.”

Thus, it should work how I am doing it. The only difference is that I’m leaving it open where you have it as being closed, and the blog says you can do that. Everything else I am doing is exactly the same. Even if it does work under the circumstances you outlined above (I realize this is probably the more “conventional” way to do it) it’s still not acting right under the circumstances I am using, and it is supposed to by Lit&Lat’s account.

Leaving it open on the Mac side should work if everything syncs before you move from one device to the other. I tested that during the beta myself (as did many other people, I’m sure).

There should be a “mobile sync” button in your Mac Scrivener toolbar (you can add it if you don’t see one). If you click it after creating a document using the iOS version (and after syncing), does that alleviate the problem? If it doesn’t, then you should contact the support email directly. They’ll probably want to see a copy of the project to see if there’s something messed up in the inner workings of the project file.

I’ve been waiting until Scrivener actually alerts me by itself that there were changes made to the mobile version even if Dropbox is done syncing, since it automatically detects changes. I don’t want to interrupt its process.

That’s what I’m starting to wonder. It’s a big file, and (if I remember right) it only started doing it after a few syncs.

You also might want to “reveal contents” of the project file (right-click in the finder) and search for files with “conflicted” in their names within the project’s contents. If that’s the case, they can help you sort out which of the files to keep, and which ones you can remove from the project.

Good luck!

I actually don’t have issues with conflicted documents, at least beyond my own fault. The new documents that I create in the iOS version come up as “Recovered Files” on the computer, go into a separate folder, and the title gets replaced. That’s what I’m having trouble with.

Do you mean that the new document you created is a big document, or that the project is big?

The project is large. Sorry.

And what kind of iOS device? “Recovered files” sounds like they weren’t saved properly, with all meta data, so I just thought that maybe there could be a memory issue on the iDevice?

Forgotten Gold, do you have External Folder Sync enabled in your project? This is NOT intended to be used with iOS Scrivener, and can lead to the recovered files error.

iPhone 5s.

I do have it enabled, actually. I’m trying to figure out how to disable it and can’t seem to do it. XD

  1. Choose File > Sync > With External Folder…
  2. Under “Shared Folder” click the Clear button

That’s it. You’ve lobotomized it. Since it has no place to sync with, Scrivener gives up and stops external folder sync.

Wow, nice call, Silverdragon!