New document from selection?

With the split option in Scrivener, it makes a new document, using the text beginning from the part you highlight, and going all the way down to the end. However, what if I want to make a new document just from the portion that I highlight, and leave out the text below it? I’d like to be able to go through a longer document and section out chunks from it. I know I could just make a new document, then go highlight what I need and cut and paste it, but that gets time consuming when I have lots of parts to section out from a long document. Does anyone know of a quicker, easier way to do this in Scrivener?

I’d just go through and split the document repeatedly. There’s not currently a way to just pull out a selected bit of text into its own document all in one step. If the objective is to keep a single file with some bits removed into separate files, you can always recombine some of the sections with Document > Merge. With Scrivenings mode you could also view the separate sections together, if you find it convenient to keep them as smaller chunks.

Thanks, I figured that might be the case. I guess I’ll just stick to the long way. I actually don’t need to view them all together - that’s why I want to be able to extract just portions of my main document. I have longer documents that I’ve written in Word, but I want to pull out and rearrange some sections to make them their own chapter. Thus I want to section out the chunks that I want to move around so I can play with them to get them in the proper order for their own chapter. For example, say my whole document has sections A - Z, but I only need to extract sections B, E, G, K, L, R, and V, and rearrange them into their own chapter. Instead of making 26 new documents by splitting at the beginning of each section, it would be much faster for me to highlight just the sections I want to use for my new chapter, and make them each into a new document all by themselves, and then rearrange them as needed. Once I have them how I want them, then I could merge them into one document. And I would still have the other sections (A, C, D, F, H, I, J, M, N, etc.) just as they were, in one single document all together, minus the sections I pulled out to make into their own chapter. So that’s what I’m trying to achieve. But I guess I’ll just have to stick to old-fashioned cut and paste. Thanks for the reply, though, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

To speed your cut and paste process, have you tried using the split editor? You could keep the main document on the one side and create a new document in the other split for each item you needed (Ctrl+N while the focus is in that editor to create a new doc), and Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V or use drag and drop to copy your selected text from one editor to the other, then backspace or delete to remove it from the original (the text remains highlighted and focussed in the first editor after the drag and drop, so it would be all ready for you). You could even pre-stock the right editor with multiple empty documents in a Scrivenings session so that you can just drag and drop from the one editor to a new blank section in the other.