New Document in Scrivenings Mode

Often I’m writing along in Scrivenings mode, and I want to create a new document right after the one I’m in, because it’s a new topic.

I can type Command+N to create it. But to change the document title, the only way I know is to click into the binder and change it. That takes me out of Scrivenings mode, and I have to click back at the top of the binder and then scroll back down to my place.

Surely I’m doing it wrong. What, please, is a better way to create, title, and type into a document while in Scrivenings mode?

(I don’t use that other typewriter mode at all. If that’s better, lf that’s better, please advise in that direction as well.)


Have you tried this?

  1. When you decide that you want a new document, right at the bottom of the document you’re in at that moment, type the title of the new document.
  2. select that title as if you were going to copy it
  3. right- click or control-click to bring up the contextual menu
  4. Choose Split with Selection as Title

Hope this helps!

You can type the new document’s name in the header bar, if it is switched on:

View > Editor Layout > Show / Hide Header View.

Press enter after typing the name to automatically return the cursor to the document.

Super, thanks, I’ll try both of those.

Typing the name into the header worked, but when I hit enter it puts me back in the document with the title displayed … and in “No Style” with 22 point type. Not quite the plan … so unless there’s an obvious fix for that, that’s right out.

The split as title thing seems to work OK.

Seems odd to me, I’d have thought people would be doing that all the time. Ah well.

For me, the cursor returns to whatever the “no style” format is (12 point Palatino, in my test project).

Good if the other solution works sweetly.


I split documents all the time; I just don’t bother with titles much any more since the automatic pseudo titling thing (“adaptive titling” in the manual ) was added. :smiley:

If you are one of the folks who avoid the mouse like poison, I just looked up Documents > Split > with Selection as Title in the manual. It has the default shortcut opt-cmd-K. Me, I seldom bother to memorise those suckers.

Adaptive titling mostly works. When you’re in Scrivenings mode, with titles displayed, adaptive ones do not display as titles. Arguably, of course, the text is right there anyway, just not looking like a title.

Obviously I"m not holding my mouth right. The bad news is there are a trillion ways to hold your mouth, and some of them are useful. :slight_smile:


Bridey and brookter have some other solutions here: … 75#p256075