New Document Note


I’ve forgotten how to insert a new document note. The yellow note panel is open on the right, and I have document selected, but there is no plus sign (even if I highlight text in the script).

Am I missing something?

Thanks for any and all help.

I just noticed that the little notepad icon down on the right has an asterisk by it.

I’m assuming that’s a clue, but I’m not sure what it is telling me.


Are you perhaps confusing Project Notes, which can be sequential/cumulative, with Comments, which are distinct and keyed to specific points in the document?

There can be only one Document note per object in the binder. You can create multiple project notes in the manner you’re describing.

Sorry, careless commenting. I meant, in my post above, to suggest a confusion between DOCUMENT notes and comments.


Yes. I think it’s comments that I was after, not document notes.

What would document notes be used for? Can you give an example?



I frequently use the panel for text that I’ve cut out of my draft, but I don’t want to delete in case I want to use it somewhere else, or I decide three days later that it really was better than what I wrote the second time. But you can use the panel for anything. Lists of tasks that need to be accomplished for that document, items you need to check, brainwaves that come to you and you don’t know where to jot them down. Inspirational quotations, reminders like “this section is supposed to be about such-a-theme”.