New Documents adding text from existing documents

I’ve got a project open that has dozens of folders and sub-documents. Whenever I split, duplicate, or create a new document within the project, there’s text added to the document created. It seems fairly random as to where that text is coming from, but it’s further down in the project itself. When I delete the text from this new document it doesn’t affect the original at all (thank goodness).

This has been going on since fairly early in my use of Scrivener (about mid-November; I use it every day) and I’ve deleted and moved things around a lot. Could this have something to do with it?

I’ve searched for this on the forums but couldn’t find it.

I’m going to try creating a new project from scratch and copy-pasting the text of my existing project into new documents and see if that helps…

This sounds like a problem with the project files getting out of sync, so that the internal numbering system Scrivener uses when creating new documents in the binder is repeating numbers that are already in use by actual files but aren’t recorded in the project file. If you’ve used synchronisation software at any point in the past with this project, e.g. Dropbox, Skydrive, or Google Drive, that would be a likely culprit; some backup software (especially software that backs up to the proverbial Cloud) has also caused problems with Scrivener projects by affecting files in the project folder essentially behind Scrivener’s back.

I’d try starting a fresh project and importing this project via File > Import > Scrivener Project, or just copying the documents you want from the current project to the new one by dragging and dropping from the one binder to the other. If you use backup software on the whole machine, you might try excluding the folder where you keep your Scrivener projects and just back them up separately when you can control it rather than having the backup run while you’re working. Make sure also that you have Scrivener’s automatic backups set to save somewhere that will be included in the system backup, so you’ll get those static copies included even though you’re excluding the live projects. (Automatic backup settings are in the Backup tab of Tools > Options.) If you use a sync service like Dropbox, take a look at this knowledge base article to refresh yourself on best practices to avoid project corruption, and if you’re using Google Drive, avoid keeping live projects there and just use the alternative method described in the KB article–Google Drive seems not to work as well with the project package format, and we’ve had a number of users report that files in the projects aren’t syncing properly.

Hi, thanks for the response!
It looks like that’s what was happening. I carry my files around on a flash drive (thanks for making the app portable!) and copy them to the computer I’m using, but I wasn’t zipping them or anything. After reading a few articles on here I figured that might be the culprit, so I started a new project, copy-pasted everything, and am now zipping before moving the project around.

Long story short: It was my fault for the reason you figured. Fixed now. Scrivener is awesome. Thanks!