New download already expired

As instructed by the program, I went to the site and downloaded what was billed as the new beta. Extracted and installed it.

No such luck. It told me that the expiration date had come and gone.

Does anyone have instructions for downloading the current beta?


The current beta is currently expired. You can set your system clock to a time before Monday 21, start Scrivener, then go back to current date/time. As long as you don’t quit Scrivener, you should be fine. (–> suspend your computer, don’t switch it off)

Alternatively, you can use the Windows version through Wine. Requires some tweaking, though.

Looks like the developer is on a final run to release the Windows version and didn’t have time to build one for Linux last week. It’s regrettable, but a new build should come very soon. After all, the current beta for Windows will also expire soon.

This software seems seriously useful. I hope we can have it without this type of uncertainty in the future.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I’ll wait a few days, my deadline is not for a bit. I can always go back to my original LibreOffice files if I must. Tweaked Wine installations are always a bit sketchy, in my experience.

It certainly is a good and useful program. Like you, I hope for a longer-term strategy from this clearly talented developer. As good as a program might be, if I’m writing a book (as I am), I certainly cannot put my eggs into a basket that will lock itself shut at time indeterminate.