New Download of Scrivener 3 - Now What?

Have installed and paid for the program.
Opened the program and see no “Trial” notice. Does this mean these fine folks have done all the fine strokes for me?
Thank you

I too am new here and find myself flummoxed by EVERYTHING. For instance, is this the right place to ask a question. It’s a very basic question.
I’ve written the whole novel, saved in Word on Windows 3, and want to use Scrivener to reorganize. How do I import one of my chapters into scrivener?. I tried the file-jmport-file sequence . I’m obviously doing it wrong. Nothing happened. Or is it enough to copy and paste my word file into the space? Also, how do I insert the title ‘chapter’ in the binder in order to get the blank page to copy my already- written chapter into? Yes, I have read the tutorial. Thanks for any help. I’ll buy Scrivener if I can get my novel into it!

I don’t get ‘saved in Word on Windows 3’. I take it you are not running Windows 3, but are talking about Scrivener Win 3. The current file I take it is a Word Document? In which case you need to look at Import and Split. Look at the Tutorial and/or download the manual.

Basically, you place a symbol in the word Doc to denote each document split (# is default). Scrivener will import your Word doc in and place documents in the Binder based on the Splits you’ve set in word.


First Document - blah blah


Second Document Blah Blah

Yes. If you go to Scrivener’s Help menu and one of the options is Deactivate Scrivener, that means your Scrivener license is active on that device. :slight_smile:


Basically, place a “#”-character before your Chapter titles in Word, select "File > Import And Split and point to your Word file. Choose “Split into sections by finding Separators in the text” and make sure a “#” is in the text area. Click Import to import your document split at the #-character into several Chapters.

Using ‘File > Import And Split’ this should not be necessary. Scrivener uses the first words of your chapter as title in the Binder. You can rename it at any time to anything you want.

If you want to create a new document in the Binder, click the plus-sign icon in the footer of the Binder or the footer of the Editor. Enter a title in the Binder and type or paste text in the Editor.

When generating an output document, Scrivener can insert the text ‘Chapter’ and even a chapter number automatically for you, so you don’t have to insert the word chapter in every chapter title.

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