New Eloise Novels

While in hindsight I’m not exactly sure my first two books (more specifically my first book) that I’ve published are the best of my abilities, I’m currently working on a third that shall triumph over the both of them with ease; I owe plenty of thanks though, personally, to Scrivener.

This third book is the first of a holy war series that I’m composing - the series takes place in our very own universe based around the Catholic religion, but there are a lot of extensions to our universe - so many that I’m not sure I could count them; after all I’m a writer and isn’t that the true goal of writing? To create a world that no other could and draft a compelling story to go along with it. In any case, I’m here to ask any who would to take a look over at my blog: The Excursions of the Split-Personality Author. It is located at and I welcome any to send me their very own content and I’ll GLADLY give feedback.

I hope to hear from many people and PLEASE do not be afraid to leave comments on the blog posts. I’ve got short stories posted, samples of my two published books, and I try to effectively keep my blog readers up to date.