New Folder keyboard shortcut

Could I ask a question? Why does Scivener use cmd-shift as a keyboard shortcut for opening a new project, but cmd-alt for opening a new folder?

I go nearly cracked when I’m working between Scrivener (cmd-alt for new folder) and the Finder (cmd-shift for new folder). Why not use the same shortcut that is standard with Finder?

I don’t recall the original reason for that, it’s been that way since day one though. My guess would be that Mac conventions prefer Shift-Cmd-N over Opt-Cmd-N for the creation of new documents (or projects as the case may be) when Cmd-N cannot otherwise be used.

As you probably know however, you can override shortcuts you don’t like. Just assign Shift-Cmd-N to “New Folder” and remember that you’ll have to use the menu to create new projects (or assign Opt-Cmd-N to new projects).

Thanks, I’d like to do that. Do I have to do it separately to every project, or is there a way to do it globally?

It’s a global thing - you do it via the System Preferences. Here’s how: … er-for-mac

On the reasoning for the current shortcuts, I’m just following standards laid out by Apple (and which I am used to). I use Xcode on a daily basis, and that uses the same keyboard shortcuts - Shift-Cmd-N for a new project, Opt-Cmd-N for a new group, and Cmd-N for a new document.

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