New folder *.tex" created at compile

Could someone point me to a post that explains how to compile MultiMarkdown -> LaTeX without creating/using a folder that ends in “.tex”?
I seem to missed an important step, but I would like the new LaTeX document to go into the folder that already holds the header and footer files already identified in the Meta-Data section, as well as my other assets such as images, tables and code snippets. Each time I compile in Scrivener, even with the checkbox set to preserve existing files, the application forces me to use a folder with the .tex extension. As a result, I find that I must move the .tex file, and rename either the file or the containing folder.

Many thanks for any help.

This is described in §22.5.1 (pg. 327) of the user manual PDF. In short though you should copy the support material you need to typeset into the .tex folder Scrivener created. From now on if you choose to save your .tex file into this folder it will not recreate it. As noted in the manual, it doesn’t have to end in “.tex” though.

Thank you. It took a while for my aging brain to grasp that section. When I changed the folder name to MyDocument_mmd my problem went away.