New folders and documents say (composite)

Hi there:

I created a new folder and added some documents today, and they all have double titles on them, which looks like this:

New Folder (composite) - New Folder

I’ve recently started using Dropbox with Scrivener and I’m using the version saved in the Dropbox folder.

Can somebody tell me what this means, and how it impacts my project?

Thank you,


When you say they have double titles, do you mean in the binder or in the header bar of the editor? It sounds like you’re viewing them together in Scrivenings mode. If you select a folder in the binder and view it in Scrivenings mode (which may be your default for viewing folders), the text of the folder and all the sudocuments will be shown together in the editor, separated by divider lines. The header will then say “[Folder Name] (Composite) - [Document Name]” which sounds like what you’re seeing. The first section in the Scrivenings will be the text of the container folder, so it would say “[Folder Name] (Composite) - [Folder Name]”; jumping through the different text sections, the first part before the hyphen will stay the same, but the document name will update to show where you are.

If that’s the case, the titles themselves aren’t doubled, and nothing’s wrong. It’s just the header view giving you information about what you’re looking at in the editor–the composite text of all the subdocuments in that folder. Clicking on any of the individual documents in the binder to load it in the editor will show just its title.

Yes! That is it… Thank you…