New Folders and Documents

Version: Beta (467076) 64-bit
It seems as though all new folders and documents are appearing at the bottom of the list in the Binder, instead of below or inside of the currently selected item.

From within Corkboard view, pages are created within the proper structure as expected.

I’m not seeing that. If I select “Manuscript” or “Draft” folder, and create new document, it’s in that folder, at the bottom of the folder’s contents.

If I create new folder, it’s one structural level below, at the bottom of the contents of the selected fodler. That was unexpected, honestly, because with other folders than Manuscript, new folders are added at their own level, immediately beneath (in appearance, not in structure).

I’m seeing different behaviors for different folders (which shouldn’t be), but not what you describe.

I’m not sure what settings would affect that. There shouldn’t be any, and those behaviors should be the same across all Scrivener installs, shouldn’t they?