New folders not indenting where I'd like them to

Hi – I tried to follow this instruction:
“To create a new folder, click the button containing a folder with a “+” inside it at the bottom of the binder, or click the down arrow next to the “+” button in the toolbar. (Opt-Cmd-N)”,
but I failed to get the result wanted.

I was trying to get a new folder at the Chapter level, indented between the Parts and Scenes levels. I used the folder button on the bottom of the binder, locating myself first on a chapter folder, then when that resulted in a new folder at the Scenes level, I selected a Parts folder and tried again, but got the same result, a new folder indented twice and ending up among the Scenes.

What am I doing wrong or not doing right? I did actually find a workaround: I dropped the folder on top of the containing Parts folder and it showed up at the bottom of that Part. Instead of holding down the option key and trying to move it up in between the Scenes, I simply selected all the Scenes I wanted moved, and dragged the lot down below the new Chapter folder. So the problem’s solved, though maybe not the most efficient way.



There is a little section in the user manual called Figuring Out Where Things Will Go, on pg. 97, that goes over how things are added the binder—particularly in how they will be indented. The basic rule of thumb though is that whenever you make a folder it will be created at the same level as the thing you have selected in the binder. The only exception to that is when either the Draft or Research folder is selected; in that case it nests the folder.

That aside, you don’t have to worry overly much about that stuff. It’s good to know, so that you can save a step and build habits of selecting the right level of thing, but the outline is flexible. You can easily move items around after they have been created. Refer to §6.3.4 on pg. 101 for more on that. I myself prefer keyboard shortcuts. So even if there isn’t a way to do precisely what I want with a single command (like creating a new file nested underneath the current file), I can easily get it there: :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: to make the new item, name it, then `⌃⌘→ to get it where I want.

Now if I understand you correctly on that part, you’re always going to have a to do a little shuffling like that, if your intention is to basically cut a group of scenes into an existing folder. You can’t just drag something into the outline and have things nest around it—Scrivener wouldn’t be able to assume you didn’t want an empty folder above the three scenes at the same level—it needs you to clarify that you want the scenes in that folder.

That said, there is indeed an easier way to take three items and put them into a new folder, with that folder occupying the same level they were on (and thus nesting them within the new folder) in a single move: Documents ▸ New Folder from Selection, or ⌥⌘G. I think that is what would have worked most efficiently in the scenario you describe.

Ioa, there’s a typo in your post, I think: the shortcut for moving the binder is ctl-cmd-left/right/up/down, not shift-cmd-etc. One of the nice things about V3 is that these are now replicated in the editor for indenting/outdenting and moving paragraphs up and down. It’s great design. (I know you know this, I’m just repeating it for those who don’t…)


Thanks! It’s fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks, AmberV and Brookter. Got it.