New Font - Bold/Italics/Underline not available


I installed the font Gentium for diacritics that I use, but for some reason the bold/italics/underline options are not working in that font while typing in Document view. These options are available to me in other applications when using this font. Any ideas?

If the font doesn’t have italic and bold variants installed, you won’t be able to use those options in Scrivener. (Some programs will try to fake it by slanting the normal text and such, which usually doesn’t look very nice.) You can check whether they exist by opening the font palette (Format > Font > Show Fonts) and checking in the font’s Typeface list.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to get underline, though, as that’s separate from the font.

Ah thanks – I checked, they aren’t there. Though from what you say underline should still work.

Thanks for your reply.

Howdy. I use Gentium Alt for the diacritics and writing in Greek. However, I have also found that Gentium Plus extends that by having an italic weight (with Bold and Bold Italic coming).
Gentium Plus

For more complete use of Gentium Basic and Book Basic, consider Gentium Book Basic which has all four weights, and can be used for print and web sites.