New forum setup

I haven’t seen any info or comments about it, but I just wanted to say that overall I really like the new look of the forums, which I presume is due to a change in the software or hosting service in use. (If nothing’s changed, someone please say so; I’ll need to see my doctor if the hallucinations are starting in again. :open_mouth: )

The one issue I have is that when I click “Mark subforums read” I get a popup message that they have been so marked; but the icons do not change color from red to black until I reload the page. EDIT: This does only happen with forums that have subforums; topics within a (sub-)forum do change icon color when I click “Mark subforums read.”

Thanks David, glad you like it! We have indeed updated the forum software to keep up with server upgrades. In doing so the old theme we were using was no longer compatible, and the new default was too bright and blue for my taste, so I installed this one as it fits in better with the rest of the site. It’s not permanent though, we have a much bigger website overhaul coming up, but this will be a nice alternative to basic default phpBB until then. :slight_smile:

Consequently I won’t be spending a lot of time debugging issues like the one you mention. If we were planning to use this for a few years, definitely, but we just need something simple and easy to maintain for now.

That’s cool, Amber. It’s not really a problem, especially with more improvements upcoming.

OK, apologies for resuscitating my thread from over a year ago, but it seemed unnecessary to start a whole new one.

I just want to say that the most recent update to the forums’ look is … well … close to invisible. Most everything is OK in terms of interface. I’m not crazy about the inability to “Mark topics read” in forums that have subforums, but it’s not a huge issue. What is a huge issue, for me anyway, is the font and color scheme. The dark beige font color on a light beige background, coupled with a very skinny font, is really hard to read. I have to squint and lean closer to the monitor to see it. Maybe it looks good on a phone or tablet, I don’t know. But on a Windows-system monitor it’s very difficult.

Sorry for bumping, but. . . . Seriously, no one else has any problem reading the new forum font and color? Everyone else is 25 years old with perfect eyesight? Or has better things to do than kvetch about this?

Just noticed that boldface is quite readable. I may type all my posts in it, so I can at least read them.

Well, I’m 68 and have worn glasses for 60 years, and have no problem reading it on a Macbook screen or a 24-inch monitor.

Based in the input to a different user about calibration of monitors being… extremely necessary… I did that. Problem solved.

Well, maybe it’s another Mac-vs.-Windows thing, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s my browser.

Calibrated it how? Through the Windows Control panel? I’ve got a 1920x1080 display set to 125%. I really don’t want to make system-level adjustments just to read this forum, though.

If your monitor is over saturating or over brightness then it isn’t a forum issue but a local setup issue. In my case the monitor’s idea of “50%” was the systems idea of 100% on brightness and 20% on contrast. Once I did all the fiddling it all cleaned up.

On my windows system I had to have one of our deskside folks do it since I don’t have administrator any more. But it was in the control panel.

I don’t mind the colors so much, but the extremely light font, and san serif, leaves me squinting, too. When I get tired of that, I just high-light each post. Somehow the white on black variation is much more legible.

Yes, that’s exactly my problem: too little contrast between the thin sans serif font and the background. Glad to know I’m not utterly alone. I don’t believe it’s an issue with my system, since the problem exists only in this forum. Thanks for the highlight idea–that works well, kludge though it is.