New Forum - Wishes

In-forum notification (the bell on the bar) has lost some functionality that makes it harder to use.

  1. when you pull down the list of notifications, there is no longer any hinting as to which items listed it thinks you haven’t looked at, and

  2. There is no apparent way to zero out the notification flag (nor tick off indiv items), and

  3. the list shows things you have already looked at indiscriminately.

These three make a bad combo, for the result is that one now has to count down the list to figure out where to pick up on things you are following. And if you ever miss one, your bell will be flagged forever more – unless you click through everything down the notification list until you chance on the one outlier you missed.

So, this facility – which is really my only way to follow threads I am subscribed to – is just a lot less functional than in the previous forum get-up.

Thanks for considering.

It is less functional. If you want to clear the bell notification indicator either go to the bottom of that list and click See All Notifications, or go via Settings > User Control Panel > Manage notifications (both ways end up at the same panel). Click Mark all notifications read. Or, sift through and mark them individually then click Mark Read at bottom of page.

At that panel, unfortunately, I haven’t seen that there’s any hints as to what hasn’t been read.

Update on this: After tweaking the contrast and brightness for my mobile and desktop browsers, I can now see a pattern that seems to show that at User Control Panel > Overview > Manage notifications (or Show All Notifications at the bottom of the “bell list”) there is an accounting for unread notifications. I only have a small sample so I’m not 100% sure yet.

That panel normally shows notifications in differently colored alternating rows. It wasn’t obvious to me until I made adjustments. Right now I have 3 unread notifications and those three are the same color except for a slight difference for the center one. It has a small right indent of the other color.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 7.06.03 PM.png[/attachment]

After I navigated to those 3 threads, the alternating rows of different color returned.