'New from Template' keyboard shortcut not working

Hello! Brand new Scrivener user here. I’m diving into the deep end & loving it. I am, however, encountering an odd issue with document templates…

I created a document template that I like titled ‘Notes Template.’ Whenever I click the dropdown arrow next to ‘Add’ & click the ‘Notes Template’ document, everything works great.

However, whenever I try the keyboard shortcut for ‘New from Template–>Notes Template’ (which I changed to ‘shift+cmd+n’), instead of creating a new document with the Notes Template, it creates a new template in my Document Templates folder, modeled after whatever folder/document I have highlighted in the binder.

Can anyone offer me advice? I want a keyboard shortcut to create a new text document from a template. Thanks.


For one thing, consider that there is in fact a baked-in shortcut that is always assigned to the very first template in the folder. So if you have one that you intend to use the most, it’s best to put it at the top of the list, and then you can use the ⇧⌥⌘N shortcut.

If you want additional custom shortcuts, you can do so. Just bear in mind how shortcuts are assigned by the system, you would need to have the full menu path given, since there are multiple menus within which you would find your template item listed (for example, in Navigate ▸ Go To ▸ Templates ▸ Name of Template). So use: Projects->New from Template->Name of Template, and it should work fine!

That I don’t quite follow. To put it to an illustration, what you are describing sounds like this before and after binder:

That’s really bizarre if that is what you are getting. I’d have to consider how that could possibly happen, but it’s certainly not intentional.

That worked! I had it as simply ‘Notes Template’ and it needed to be ‘Project->New From Template->Notes Template’.

Thank you!