New From Template

The “Novel Format” document which introduces the “Novel with Parts”-template states the possibility of, from the Projectmenu, selecting New From Template -> Character Sketch, as an easy way to create multiple settings and characters. However, in my 0.0.26-version this function is not present.

It seems quite useful though. Thanks in advance for a reaction.


The document templates is a carryover from the Mac version which isn’t present yet in Windows. This is a feature that will be added at some point post 1.0; for now you can just use the “Duplicate” command (under the Documents menu, Ctrl+D to duplicate with subdocuments, Ctrl+Shift+D without) to make a copy of the template sheet and then move that to wherever you want it in the binder. That’s how it used to be done on the Mac, too, prior to 2.0. :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this too thank you for the info!