New geezer question

Hi, I’m trying your programme with a view to buying it and it seems really good but there is something that I can’t fathom - must be making it too complex.
I thought that I could have a main text page in the draft folder and then make links to other pages (Control, click, Scrivener Link) in sub folders and then when I go File > Compile Manuscript it would output everything in order. What I seem to get is the main document then my links appended at the bottom of the document.
Can I have the linked files inserted, like an include in BBEdit, in the right place? This would be just what I am looking for. Scrivener seems to offer this as part of its underlying approach but I can’t find how to do this in a short practical way. Sorry to sound thick but I must be missing some simple step and can’t discover it in the Wiki, Help or the forums.
Also finally, you have an Auto Completion feature but its not the one that would make this programme the absolute killer app, by which I mean a list of this to this that the user could compile and use in all projects so that, for example, ‘adn’ becomes ‘and’ as would a whole host of my common typing errors. Even Word can do this, albeit in a a clunky way. Are you going to put this in a new version or are you waiting for X.6 which will apparently offer this system wide and in which case, will the current Scrivener work with that?
Apart from that it seems a great programme so far…
A lot of questions and I would greatly appreciate any help.
With thanks in advance

Sorry its late and I see I forgot to use enough full stops and capital letters. Please take a deep breath and read through!


Last first: Auto-complete will be coming in 2.0 for all supported versions of OS X (Tiger onwards), but may come before that for Snow Leopard users if the rumours are correct. :slight_smile:

As for links, I’m afraid Scrivener doesn’t work that way. The links are for reference only. “Compile Draft” compiles the Draft folder in the binder using the order of the documents in the Draft folder as they are organised in the binder.

All the best,

Thanks for this - very prompt and clears up both of my questions. So I just order everything in the runtime order and when I compile it makes one doc.
thanks again