New Group with keyboard shortcut


So when you press Cmd-Opt-N, you get a new document instead of a group? Is that what you mean? I am not seeing this happen.

Have you tried the shortcuts Cmd-N and Cmd-Opt-N without going to the Binder first? It should create a new document or group respectively, beneath the current one you are editing. Just wondering if that will not work, either.


Only on this forum can we so eloquently mix wine tasting with feature nagging and bug reports.

I get more of a Burp than a Boooop when I do something forbidden, but I think that has something to do with setting the gastrointestinally challenged Frog as my system alert.

Anyway, I still cannot reproduce this. I’m jumping between Binder and editor with the keyboard dozens of times and always I can make a new group with the shortcut. I’ve tried with various split arrangements, too. With and without the Inspector. I’ll keep trying.


I’m not getting your bug either Maria Sensei. Oddly enough, I had an Argentinian merlot last night that was well nigh undrinkable; I’ll try the CabSauv next time.

I vote that Keith change the name of the site from Literature and Latte to Nag and Wine! :laughing:


I quite like “Nag and Wine”, though it might put off new users. :slight_smile:

Maria, there is no reason that this would happen with one project and not another, so I am glad that other users are trying to recreate this - especially as I cannot. If you could post the exact situations this happens, that would help. There is no reason a keyboard shortcut would act any different way from anything else. A keyboard shortcut just calls the menu item - this is all built into Cocoa and nothing to do with me. So if a keyboard shortcut doesn’t work properly, it just means the menu command isn’t working properly. If you could isolate this and post more details, I would be grateful.



Certainly would be much more fitting. :slight_smile: