New groups as siblings not children


Maria, here is a work-around that I have been using: Document types do not do this, of course, so make your set of groups as documents, then you can use the enter key instead of a short-cut (or if you have that disabled, Cmd-N). Once you have them all made. Shift-Up to select them all, and then right-click and Convert to Group.

I have been running into this too, but the work-around does not bother me too much, and I do like that I can automatically embed documents in a group, when making new files with a group selected.


I have to go along with Maria here, though it shames me a little to be picking nits off the beautiful new Scr b3 already. :blush:

Most outlining and hierarchical notetaking apps have separate commands for “new sibling” and “new child”, with closely related keyboard shortcuts (like Enter and cmd-Enter, or cmd-N & cmd-shift-N).

I’m all for it; AmberV’s workaround is good, but it’s still a workaround.


I am not sure I agree with this. It may make sense when adding folders to begin with, but not when adding them ad-hoc. It makes more sense to me to select the enclosing folder and hit “Add” to add a child of the selected folder. So, I will consider this, but I think I disagree.

Actually I’m with KB on this one. I find it more intuitive to have it the way it is. Of course, it’s really a matter of what I’m used to, so I’ll bet I’d get used to it differently. But I like it the way it is. I may be in the minority, though!