New help with Compile: chapter headings, titles, and numbers (using version 2.8 on a Mac running Sierra 10.12.6)

I’ve looked at the manual and the Compile settings panels, and I’m completely lost! Need to compile to PDF and here’s what I need; any help greatly appreciated.

  1. My chapters are documents, not folders; that’s maybe crucial info.
  2. I’d like the end of each chapter to end on a page with blank space below; next chapter begins on the very next page, whether verso or folio doesn’t matter, with the following, two-line, centered title a few inches down:
    Chapter [#]
    [Title of Chapter]
  3. I have a manual title page set up at the very beginning of the compilation (it’s a separate document just ahead of the first chapter document), but I don’t want the page number to appear at the bottom of that page. However, I do want page numbers on all the other pages, starting with the very next page, as being page “2”. And I believe there are ways to either set up the page number at the bottom of the page, or at the top right, or top left, because I’ve done that before; I just want to know how to suppress it on the very first page.

Sorry about all the requests…I used to be better acquainted with the software, back when I was printing a lot (many years ago), but have mostly been concentrating on word count and writing my novel in the last year, and I’m suddenly lost and confused by all the different Compile settings panels.


From memory (I’ve been using v3 for quite a while now), we need to start with a few known factors:

First, start by choosing a compile preset that matches what you want. “Manuscript” presets are for submitting to agents/editors, while the “paperback” settings are for a more polished version, suitable for reading or maybe even self-publishing.

With that setting, so long as your chapter documents are in the Manuscript (aka Draft, aka other things) folder, you’re pretty much done with parts 1 and 2.

For part 3, you’ll want to create some kind of “front matter” folder outside of the Draft folder for Table of Contents, title, etc… that comes before your chapters. In the compile settings, either in it’s own “front matter” section, or in the Contents section, there’s going to be a setting to chose your front matter folder, and there will be options on how to deal with the documents therein.

Hope that helps. Sorry if i’m a little thin on specifics, but my memory of version 2 is quickly fading.

From there, you can tweak the rest of the appearance of your chapters from the Formatting section of compile. Be sure to have a few chapters visible in the binder, beyond where the compile window overlaps everything; when you select a formatting row in the compile window that matches to your chapter documents, they’ll be highlighted in yellow so that you know those settings will affect those documents.

Thanks for posting. Is it any less complicated in version 3? I just spent an hour and got most of what I needed.

The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get the text on the first page of every new chapter to start halfway down the page. I tried adding returns to the title area, adding padding, you name it—I can’t find that setting.

UPDATE: Never mind…it was page padding, after all; I had set that on the wrong level.