New Here

I have two brief questions.

First, how do I delete text in a folder without deleting it from the document in the folder?

And for space on my computer I’ve chosen to put backup file in Dropbox. How do I tell Scrivener this?



Questions are better placed in the Technical Support forum – you will get a quicker reply, as this one is suppose to be for passing on tips.

Not sure I understand what you mean with the first question.

From the Scrivener menu in the menu bar, open Preferences and then go to the Backup tab. There are various options there.

You define the backup location in Preferences, but it won’t save space on your Mac. You have to install the Dropbox app which will then create a folder on your Mac named Dropbox. This folder is then automatically kept in sync with your account on the Dropbox server, which means that the files exist on both the HD in your computer and on the Dropbox server HD.