New iMac

Hi everyone.

Not sure this is the right place to post this but here goes

My old iMac was nearing deaths door so I have invested in a new one. I’ve dutifully moved everything across using Time Machine but when I went to open Scrivener (v2), it tells me that it won’t work with he current iOS. I have downloaded the trial of v3 but of course, I am now unable to go down the upgrade path and will have to pay the full price.

Has anyone found a way around this or are there any discount codes currently available that could offset this.

It’s not a massive amount of money tbf but every little helps as they say, especially in current times.


Why can’t you use the upgrade discount? I haven’t had to do an upgrade in years, so I don’t recall what info is required, but I would think that it’s the email address used to buy the previous license. If you can’t remember which one that was, you can contact support to see if they can help.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I didn’t think of that. It was actually my wife who originally bought it and installed it on my mac so it would have been using her email address. I’ll contact support with that info

Thanks again

Ok, so it turns out it was bought via the App store so no license number or receipt.

Ah well.

Support can offer you an upgrade discount coupon via our store if you’re able to provide proof of you App Store purchase.



Yes, I contacted support. Unfortunately, I have no proof of purchase (would’ve been about 8/9 years ago, maybe even longer) but I was pointed to a promotion with a discount code for 20% so I’m sorted.

I was in a similar position I had been using Scriv’ for years, and couldn’t remember when I last paid the developer anything at all. I was offered an upgrade code, but chose not to use it and paid again in full. The software is very cheap, well supported and I wanted to support them.