New in 025? No drag-and-drop within Editor

I just installed 0.25. (Right over the top of 0.24 without a hitch.) Looks great, but I’m finding that dragging-and-dropping text within the Editor window no longer works; the mouse pointer becomes the “no can do” circle-slash. I’m pretty sure this was working in 0.24.

Apologies if this is not news; I couldn’t find a “Known Bugs in 025” topic or a specific mention of this bug for earlier betas.

Could you give me the steps to reproduce what you’re seeing? Moving text around in the editor by selecting it and then dragging and dropping should work and does work when I test it, so either there’s another piece of the puzzle in your set up that I’m missing or I’m not understanding what you’re referring to with the drag and drop. Thanks!

After restarting Scrivener, drag and drop text is working again. (That was all it took to reproduce it when it was happening… select in any text file and start to drag, and it wouldn’t allow dropping.) I’ll comment again if the problem recurs.