New install: File xtension problem when trying to open files

I have just installed Scrivener and am running into a problem.
After creating a file, when I click on the file’s icon, I get an error message stating

Add .scrix file extension to package?
The project package ‘Downloads’ has no file extension. Scrivener for OS X requires that the project package has the .scriv file extension.

In order to open this project, Scrivener will add this file extension to the project now. (This will not affect your ability to open the project on other platforms, where the .scriv package will still appear as a regular folder.) Continue?

Then when I click the file again I get the message,
“The document ‘Mike Keller edit(2).scrivx’ could not be opened. The file system would not allow Scrivener to add the .scriv file extension to the project package, so the project cannot be opened. Please check your permissions.”

Please advise.

It sounds like you have only copied the binder file from your original project which you intended to transfer to the other machine, rather than the whole project folder. I’m assuming your second machine is Windows (or you received the project from a Windows user), from there you need to move the entire folder that contains the .scrivx file. This folder will have a “.scriv” on the end of it, so it is easy to tell which one you need. The easiest way to send a .scriv file to another computer from Windows is to right-click on the .scriv folder and choose to Send to/Compressed (zipped) folder. This will create a .zip file beside the original folder. Now you can transfer the entire thing from one computer to another as a single file. Once you get it on the Mac, just double-click the zip file to decompress it, and a .scriv project will pop out. On the Mac, this .scriv folder will look like a single file, you won’t ever see the .scrivx file except in troubleshooting cases.