New install will not make new projects properly


I’ve been playing with Scrivener for a while on my desktop Mac; I’m getting the hang of it, and will probably pay up when the trial runs out. Incidentally, I think the “30 days’ use” limit on trial use is much more sensible than the usual “30 days on the calendar” limit.

Last night I also installed it on my laptop, but the new install misbehaves. When I make a new project, the window I get has “No Selection” in large type across the top, and nothing in the Binder. What’s more, I can’t create anything in the Binder. Most of the icons at the very top of the window are greyed out.

So it’s back to the desktop for the moment! Both Macs are running Scrivener 1.11.

Can anyone help?




I don’t know if you’ll get a reply from Keith any time soon, given that he’s heading for MacExpo. But first off, what is your laptop? Which model: PPC or Intel? Which version of OS-X is it running? How did you do the install?

Then, I think many of us here would recommend downloading the 1.12 beta, which in spite of it’s beta status is very solid, and in fact deals with some issues that exist in 1.11. Put it on both machines, assuming we can find a solution to what’s going on on the laptop.


This sounds an awful lot like font corruption, or a missing font. As suggested, try getting 1.12 from the beta section on this forum. It is quite stable, and if I recall correctly, it was a bit more protected against missing fonts. If a required font is corrupted though, you’ll want to look up how to deal with that in accordance with your OS version. This is a fairly common problem with Macs, so there are plenty of pages and tools to help deal with it.

Yep, as Amber says, this is almost certainly a font problem. In every single case where I have seen this happening it has been down to fonts. It may not be font corruption, but just that you have disabled some of the fonts on your system that Scrivener expects. Scrivener generally expects Helvetica, Lucida Grand and Courier to be up and running on your system (future versions of Scrivener should hopefully be less fussy about fonts). Try ensuring that these fonts at least are enabled, and enable Optima too while you are at it if that is disabled, and see if it works then.
Hope that helps.
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