New iPad pro for xmas - dropbox disaster?

Hi folks been using Scriv for years with no problems using dropbox. Was given a shiny iPad Pro for xmas so installed Scriv on it, added my dropbox details and off I went. However, today I opened scriv for the first time on my macbook air and couldn’t open any of my scriv files because scriv would just quit just as they looked like they were about to open. Then, going back to my iPad, all work that I’d done using the iPad version of Scriv had dissapeared.

So now I am scared to add any new work using Scriv on my iPad and can’t open any of my scriv files on my macbook air. I even tried opening some of the backup files from the backups folder and they won’t open, and also tried rewinding the folder and files using Dropbox Plus’ rewind feature. Nothing seems to fix it. FUBAR.

Has anyone else been through this and could possibly help while I’m waiting for support to get back to me?

I guess your backups are zipped, so unzip them before opening in Scrivener.

Did you remember to tell iPad Scrivener to Sync before leaving it and opening the project on your Mac?


Yeah I unzipped them but they won’t open. They start to open… then have a fit and give up and Scrivener quits.

‘Did you remember to tell iPad Scrivener to Sync before leaving it and opening the project on your Mac?’

That sounds scary. Am I to believe that the iPad version of Scrivener is unable to backup to dropbox unless you tell it specifically to do so? If so that could be something to do with losing data, but doesn’t explain why none of the files will open on my mac.

Have you updated the OS on your Air? If yes, also updated Scrivener? … s?os=macOS

iPad Pro is running latest iOS 14.3 and Macbook Air is running latest Big Sur 11.1. Everything is as up to date as can be as I have auto update for apps and I check regularly too.

I should add I am a terrible Mac nerd so I’m well versed in fixing things using stickytape, kicking, using the terminal and turning off and on again. I spend my life sorting out my other friend’s mac woes so it’s very unlike me to get stuck!

I have a feeling there’s been a sync conflict and some corruption has taken place in the scriv files causing some date clashes etc

The most miserable thing is that I’ve tried the dropbox rewind thing with the files and folders and it could be as someone mentioned earlier that my files were never synced in the first place because I didn’t physically press dropbox sync on the ipad - but that still doesn’t explain why the mac would overwrite them entirely - sync means sync, not overwrite! Usually you get dropbox warnings for that kind of thing.

The iPad won’t be stopping the Air from loading Scrivener, so that’s an issue that needs rectifying on its own—or can you get Scrivener to open on the Air with a new test project?

And if you haven’t used Scrivener on the Air for a while as you indicated, has that been updated to the Big Sur-compatible version of Scrivener, which is 3.2.2?

If it hasn’t, or if you can’t get Scrivener to open to be able to see the version number, delete Scrivener, reboot the Mac, and download a fresh copy from the link above.

If it still doesn’t run to open a new test project, further diagnostic steps can be taken.

When that’s working, you can see if there are sync problems with the iPad.

So because I couldn’t open anything I couldn’t see the Scrivener update info. After booting up from the app folder using shift I got it to open and it did in fact need updating so thanks for that - the original files now open.

God knows where the work I did on my iPad went though.

If you synced the iPad after having opened the old projects on the Mac, the DB app on the Mac would have updated those projects on the DB server, thereby putting a newer version of the project on the DB server, which means that iOS Scrivener thinks that’s the version you want, and will replace the version on the iPad.

And if that happens those files are gone for good because there’s no kind of backup folder type system on the iPad?

I really like using the iPad but it does sound like it’s quite easy to lose everything if you’re not careful with your dropbox syncing. A momentary lapse and you’ve lost a days work (if not several, like me).

Do people use the whole dropbox sync hapilly these days or are people careful to make multiple backups. I seem to remember that back when dropbox syncing was announced for scriv that it was avoided.

What’s the safest way to do this?

Advice (and possible backup already?) here… … -backed-up

When you are done writing, always back out to the projects screen. When you do Scrivener will notice that the project has changed and will prompt you to sync.

It’s similar on your Mac. You need ro pause to give Scrivener a chance to save, close the project to have Scrivener make a backup, and wait for the DB app to upload any changes to the DB server.

I agree it is similar but the way we tend to think of apps on the iPad is a little different i.e. always on, there when you want them, no real booting down of the machine or quitting of apps.

I would never think of quitting out of an app to a main screen on the iPad because in my mind it just does it’s stuff in the background.

Well, perhaps it would if it was Apple Sync but I guess there lies not the confusion but the assumption that it just ‘happens’ with Dropbox too.

Which I now know it doesn’t :smiley: :cry:

Ah well you live and learn. Losing my first two days of writing work for 2021 was pretty sucky.

<waves fist at iPads, dropbox and life in general but reminds himself that nothing is as bad as losing an entire song production on an Atari ST cerca 1993)

If Scrivener projects were only text, with limited structure, iCloud would be sufficient. But Scrivener projects are a complex folder structure, which makes syncing difficult.