New iPad Pro; Resolution, Choose 9.7” or 10.5”?

My iPad Air (first generation), though it does support iOS 11, has gotten slower and generally less responsive since moving to the new software so I am going to upgrade.

I’m choosing between last years iPad Pro 9.7” (no longer made) and newer 10.5” model. I have heard that some software doesn’t display well on the newer, larger screen.

Scrivener is vital software for me. Does anyone currently use it on either or both of these devices and if so, how does does the software display? Does it fill the entire screen on the bigger device with no resolution issues?

Any thoughts re the choice?

Many thanks,


Scrivener works fine on the 10.5" pro — or at least, I’ve certainly never noticed any such problem with it: fills the screen perfectly.

It works perfectly on my big 12” Pro, which I prefer for Scrivener work over my 9.7.

it works well on my 9.7 but if you are shopping, go for the newer model

Similarly on mine - no problem with the screen size. So I agree with marcoiac - go for the newer and larger model.

And a bigger iPad works better as an extra display. :smiley:

Hi Lunk.

How is that done exactly and does it allow a second window to be open in Scrivener? Methinks not.

It looks as though you are mirroring the Mac, no?



A quick google search for “using an ipad as a second monitor” turns up a number of sites. Here’s one that focuses on a particular ipad app: … uet-video/

Scrivener doesn’t support multiple windows, but what you’re seeing above, I believe, is composition mode on one screen and the main window on another. You can also use quick reference windows on a separate screen.

I am doing what Rdale guessed: using Duet, The photo was taken for a discussion in another thread about setting up Duet to have Scrivener main window on the Mac and the Composition mode window on the extra display.
Duet makes the iPad function just like an extra display, so it’s not mirroring. It’s a true extra display. This means I can have a two-display setup not only in my office but also while travelling.

I use Duet too - it works well with Scrivener, and with Scapple.
Having touch-screen Scapple and Tinderbox 7 is quite an experience …

Hello all.

Many thanks for your kind responses; I ended up choosing the 10.5” and I’m glad I did.

rdale, totally get the “let me google that for you thing”and thanks for it — I really wanted to get the Scrivener “pro take” take directly from humans, and you all made that work! The interwebs at their finest! I’ll try to be helpful to the best of my ability as well.

Btw, my great uncle was president of the American Kennel Club and raised Airedales for decades.

Lunk, will absolutely try Duet!

May I ask you all what you think best practice is for migrating to the new iPad? I only use it with Dropbox sync and I restored the new iPad from the old one, both running latest iOS.

I’m a bit leery because I have had sync problems in the past.

If I just turn the old iPad off after syncing and then open Scrivener on the new one should I be good?

Thanks to all.


All you have to do is to open iOS Scrivener on the new iPad and point it to the correct Dropbox folder in Dropbox settings. This will make the iPad download all the projects you have in the sync folder, and that’s it. Make sure you always finish syncing on any machine you are working on and you will be fine.

I use Scrivener on three Mac:s and on two iPad:s and it works perfectly.

yup, I am using an iMac at the office, two laptops (one at home and one traveling), an iPad Pro, an iPad Mini, and an iPhone and everything syncs fine as long as you are mindful about the syncing process