New iPad Pro won't sync some files

I have been using Scrivener with a recent iMac, a Mac laptop ca 2012, and the iPhone 7 Plus with few problems. I have 17 projects in my Dropbox Scrivener folder, which weighs in at about 3 GB. The one project that seems to be the culprit is the largest, 460 MB in size.

I recently added the new iPad Pro 10.5 inch to my arsenal and I just noticed, by chance (I was not working on that particular project) that the text, about 3,000 words and no graphics) was missing in one of my files. After proper backups, I deleted Scrivener, turned the iPad off and on and reinstalled it. No improvement. I tried again but this time a few files are missing -all in that one folder that’s been giving me headaches… In the meantime everything worked fine with my Macs and my iPhone but the latter has a new issue. After doing a bit of editing on my Mac, Scrivener on my iPhone seems to quit at the very end of the syncing process. It does not actually crash, it just goes to the background and I can bring it up to the surface after double clicking the Home button. And the changes are fine.

Scrivener and the OS are up to date on all my devices and they have lots of elbow room left. I also never have more then 2 or 3 apps open at any given time and I do reboot everything once a day. I don’t know what do do… :unamused:

My first stab at this issue would be to close the project on all platforms, sync your iOS scrivener instances on last time, and then go to your Mac.

Locate the project on your disk, and right-click on a project and select “Show Package Contents”. Once you have a view of the internals of your project, search for any files with ‘conflicted’ in their names. You may have a few, and that could be the cause of your mysteriously absent documents on one device that show up on another.

If you find any of these problems, open it up in Scriv. for Mac, use File->Back Up->Back Up To, and append “conflicted fix” or something to the end of the project backup name. Close the project again.

Then, back in the finder, you’ll want to decide which is the best of the files, move the others outside of the project bundle folder, and then open it back up in Scrivener and check that the data in the removed files is still visible in Scrivener, and is the most up-to-date version of the text.