New Jungle Disk Pricing

I have such luck on this forum, I thought I’d pose my question here. This is a question for those who use Jungle Disk the wonderful cloud storage program that automatically backs up selected files to amazon’s s3 cloud service. A few weeks ago, Jungle Disk was a $20 program and you paid per month for your usage of the S3 server (15 cents a gigabyte and since I only use the program to backup my writing folder [under 40 megabytes] I only pay something like 12 cents a month). They just released an update that involves brand new pricing: $2 a month plus the S3 service (no $20 onetime charge).
My question(s): Is this service still worth it? And (for those old timers on Jungle Disk) if you paid $20 already are you still paying the $2 a month fee (the original $20 said that all updates were free and there were no additional fees [which there are now…]).
Heres my issue, I had a chance to pay the $20 and I waited, and now I’m kicking myself thinking that I could have bought the program at $20 and spared myself the larger monthly fee (I plan on using this program for over 10 months so I will be paying more in the end). Now if the older users have to pay the new monthly fee (which I imagine they do) then I got a deal (I saved $20). Anyway, I know about dropbox and I use that too, but Jungle Disk does a fantastic job of automatically backing up my writing folder without me having to worry about it or even think about it so I use it for my backups and dropbox for file transfer (yes I’ve used hazel and dropbox but it never ran smoothly for me).
Thoughts, ideas, threats?

If I understand the announcement correctly, the monthly subscription is just an option. You can still buy the old perpetual/lifetime license here. The new monthly plan already includes JungleDisk Plus, which used to cost $1 per month.

JungleDisk is great for backing up simple media or configuration files, but just like Dropbox it doesn’t really understand Mac file systems or package file formats. :open_mouth:

“Keep Previous Versions” for instance does not work well with Scrivener files. I’d recommend to have multiple buckets and use differently timed backup jobs (daily/weekly) for critical files to prevent data corruption.

Oops, I think I have to backpeddle. :blush: The bbouncer script tells me that Jungle Disk passes most critical test (BSD flags, extended attributes, etc.), which is pretty good, actually. Dropbox fails these tests miserably. I’ve created a fresh Online Disk on Rackspace Cloud Files and now the restoration of previous versions seems to work for Scrivener files. :smiley: There must be something wrong with my old bucket on Amazon S3.

Thanks for posting about the $20 still present (I had to slap my forehead at that one :slight_smile: ). I guess my question now is, which plan is better: the $2 a month or the $20?

I’m looking into this but jungle disk seems to have some critical problems with backing up scrivener packages.