New label always hijacks the default

Hey there. On my Intel machine, I seem to have come across a (non-crashing) bug in 1.5/1.51, and I couldn’t find mention of it in the forums. Whenever I create a new label, I find that every folder and document that has the default label ends up changing to the new label despite the fact that the default label did not lose its status. A strange thing is that when I click on the item directly, the Inspector says that it’s still with the original default label, but the outline and the icon tint are showing it as the new label. If I delete the new label, then everything reverts back to the way it should be.

The workaround I’ve found is to always create one more label than I need, and then delete whichever one that ends up hijacking everything.

Does this make sense? Have you ever seen it before?


No, I haven’t seen or heard of this, and I can’t reproduce it off the bat. Could you please post some screenshots of each step of the way? You can use (in Applications/Utilities) to take screenshots, and the forum allows you to upload them. If you could post the shots with a brief description of what you are doing and what you think should happen (where it’s going wrong), it would make it easier to see what is going on and I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks and all the best,

Thanks, Keith. Here are the first three screen shots, with comments to describe what’s going on. I’ll put the rest in a second post since it won’t let me add any more to this post.


Okay, here are the rest of the screen shots. Sorry about the order…it looks like the forum displays them from last to first.

If you need any more info to figure out what’s going on, just let me know.



I think I have an explanation for what is happening. Did the affected documents have another label assigned to them before? That is, I am assuming that they haven’t always used the default label, but rather that they had another label before which got deleted. If this is the case, then this is what is happening:

Although to the user labels look like a combination of a colour and a name, internally they are represented by a unique number. So, for instance, “Current version sent” may internally be represented by the number 5. When you assign a label to a document, internally the document just has to remember the number - so if you change the colour and title in the labels editor, the documents don’t need to know about that - the interface handles that based on the label number assigned to the document. If you delete a label from the labels editor, though, the number associated with it stays attached to documents to which you assigned that label. It is left to the user to assign a different label to those documents.

In your case, I think the following may be happening:

• You assigned the affected documents with a particular label which was associated with a particular number internally - say the number 7.
• You then deleted that label.
• When trying to display the labels for documents that had the number 7 assigned as their label tags, the interface recognised that this label had no corresponding colour or title information, and so defaulted to showing the default label.
• When you created a new label, it was given the same number as the old deleted label - e.g. number 7 - and thus as soon as it had been created, all of the documents that still had label number 7 assigned would start showing the colour and title for the new label.

Does this sound like an explanation for what is happening to you? You can try it out by specifically assigning the default label to a couple of documents and then deleting and recreating the offending label - my guess is that the new label won’t get assigned to the documents to which you specifically assigned the default label.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hey, what do you know, it looks like that’s what’s going on. I just went to a few documents and specifically gave them the default label, and they didn’t switch over when I added a new label. I’ll just make sure to simply rename labels rather than delete them the next time I need to change things around!

Thanks for the help 8)

Glad that’s what it turned out to be! Perhaps Scrivener should force all documents whose label has been deleted back to the default label internally, as well… I’ll look into that to see if there’s any good reason why I chose it to work as it did (or if it was just an oversight).

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