New Layout Design

I was wondering if perhaps someday there could be an additional layout design within Scrivener? This layout would have the Outline positioned along the left edge where the Binder is now located. A single column with adjustable width that displays the Outline with Title and Synopsis.

When an Outline item is selected the Editor would display the contents of that document within the Project – just as selecting a Document within the Binder does now. Restructuring the draft would still be done with drag and drop of the Outline items. And there would be enough space along the right edge for the Inspector if the writer chose to have it displayed.

I use Scrivener for writing film screenplays, and would find this layout to be very useful since I could then view and work with both the Outline and the screenplay within the Editor simultaneously.

So instead of a layout that is Binder > Editor > Inspector OR Binder > Outline > Inspector … you would have a layout that is Outline > Editor > Inspector.

Any thoughts as to whether this could be implemented?

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, you can get exactly what you want by using the split editor and hiding the binder. Choose View>Layout>Split Vertically to get two editors, then set up the left one to show the outliner. In the footer of that editor, click the double arrow button so that it turns blue–this will link the two editors so that selecting an item in the outliner will load it into the other editor, the way the binder does. Then just hide the binder (View>Layout>Hide Binder, Opt-Cmd-B, or the “Binder” button in the toolbar will do this) and resize your editors as you like. You can adjust adjust the columns in the outliner to only show the Title and Synopsis by clicking the arrow in the right of the outline header row and deselecting the columns you don’t want (also via View>Outliner Columns).

Once you’ve got it all set up how you want it, you can save it as a layout so that it’s easy to jump back to. Open the Layout Manager via View>Layout>Layouts and then you can create a new layout, even saving which outliner columns are visible.

Thanks… I’ve used a Split Layout for transcribing audio clips but I completely forgot about that feature when I started thinking of this layout. Initially I encountered a small issue with the column width of the Outline losing the position I’d set and saved within the Layout. It seemed to occur when I left the new layout to work within another layout. When I returned to the new layout, the Outline was wider than the column width setting that had been saved. In other words, the Outline window now had a blue scroll bar at the bottom, and the column resizing line at the top was no longer flush with the Split Layout divider. But since quitting Scrivener last night, and opening it this morning I can not replicate that behavior. It is working fine with the Outline width maintaining it’s saved setting. So far so good! Thanks again for the help.