New Line indents not showing in Kindle compile

Hi, this is really bugging me out. I compiled an ebook in .mobi for Kindle and it appears to work fine in the Kindle for Mac app. However, when importing into Kindle app for phone and iPad it loses all the indents for a new line.

It also works fine in my ibooks app when I’ve compiled it as from same Scriv file, so I can’t for the life of me work out what is happening here.

Help is greatly appreciated


Okay, I think the problem is I’ve copied and pasted the text from Word. I did originally compile the story in Scrivener but had to export to Word to get a copy editor to review it. By adding another page and typing directly into Scrivener the formatting came out okay in Kindle app.

So, unless anyone knows how to re-format the text from Word I may have to type out the whole story again straight into Scrivener!!!

(I’m hoping someone knows a way around this, even if it is only a short story!!!)

You almost certainly don’t have to type it out again!

Try this as a starter:

  1. Make sure the document that works (i.e. the one you typed out) is exactly the format you want.

  2. With the document still selected, go to Project > Text Preferences.

  3. In the dialogue box, make sure ‘Use different default formatting for new documents created in this project’ is ticked.

  4. Click the ‘Use Current’ button. This means that the ‘correct’ document’s formatting will be the default from now on.

  5. Select all the other documents in the binder, then got to Documents > Convert > Convert Formatting to Default Text Style…

  6. You’ll go to a dialogue box with lots of options, which you should leave all unticked unless you have a particular reason not to. Press OK.

  7. Compile again and see what happens…

The idea is that this process could well strip out any unnecessary Word features which could be causing problems.

If it doesn’t work, then there could be other settings causing the problems – but it almost certainly won’t require you to type the whole thing again!

Awesome stuff, Brookster. It worked a treat. Thanks a lot :smiley:

Glad it helped!