New lines don't print?

I’ve posted this problem before but it still happens. Although my new lines and indents on the new line show up on screen, when I print direct from Scrivener, or indeed when I export, some line returns disappear and the text runs on, albeit with a tab. I’ve checked that there are actually returns in the text. The problem is that it seems to work for some line returns.

Very frustrating, as I have to go through and reformat.

Anyone else have this?

Not exactly sure what you mean. Where are you printing from? File > Print or File > Export Draft > Print button? Either way, have you got it set up to override the formatting? (In the Formatting tab of Export Draft, you can override the formatting anyway you want - this would be the most obvious explanation; if so, just turn it off using the checkbox.)


Or if you’re accidentally using one of the Multimarkdown exports, that could sort of explain it.