New Location for MMD Documentation, Tips, Tricks, etc

Rich Morin has spurred me to action regarding MultiMarkdown documentation (which is fairly bare bones). There is currently a good bit of tips and tricks out there, but it is spread across different places:

* the Literature and Latte forums (Scrivener)
* the MultiMarkdown discussion list
* the MMD documentation on my website, and included in the download
* various web sites

I have re-opened a “scratchpad” for collaborative work on documentation, and Rich has jumped in to start providing a little content. I encourage anyone interested to make changes - add tips, tricks, questions that need answers, whatever…



Not to be a knowitall, but currently the site gives a permission denied to view the page.

Any chance of it being fixed ? :slight_smile:

No one used it, so it’s been taken down.


Then it would make sense to remove it from the “pin post” postion.

Done, thanks.

The official repository for MultiMarkdown version 4 documentation is here:

The source, if you’re interested, is here:


Hi Fletcher, first off thanks for such a well maintained and useful tool (I bought MMD Composer and updates as a way to say thanks!). I was just wondering if there were any issues you can think of with using MMD4(.5) with Scrivener (AmberV may have tried too)?

AmberV, will the bundled version get updated to MMD4 whenever Scrivener is?

To my knowledge, there are no issues with using latest versions of MultiMarkdown with Scrivener, other than the file transclusion features. This requires filenames with known path information, which won’t work inside a Scrivener document. But I suspect that feature would be less useful if you’re using Scrivener anyways.

I’ve been using 4.5 with Scrivener for some time now. This will be included in the next update, but you might as well just install it yourself on the computer—Scrivener will use it instead of the built-in version. The only reason Scrivener 2.5 is rather out of date is that at the time of its publishing, there was a bug in the then-current version of MMD with image cross-references in LaTeX ending up null, so we ended up skipping it that time around.

Thanks both for the info!!!