new m1 MacBook air

I am really looking forward to buying the new m1chip MacBook Air. Please tell me that Scrivener 3 will run on it?

Of course.

But be sure to install the latest version (3.2.2)

It runs fine. Somewhere along the line with the development of MacOS Big Sur—now at 11.2.2 so the first thing you should do is upgrade the OS—Apple has sorted out a rather obscure bug present in Catalina and maybe earlier, which may well not be of concern to you[1], but the same may be true of other bugs!

I hope you enjoy your new MacBook Air as much as I enjoy mine!



[1] It concerns Chinese (and maybe Japanese and Korean) text in PDFs created from apps based on the Apple TextKit, like Scrivener and Nisus Writer Pro not being copy-and-paste-able.