New Mac Book Pros Released

For those that have been waiting for the NEW Macbook Pro line up they are now available.

Best Buy has put the older ones on Clearance because of the new ones that just released

The new ones have larger HD’s Faster CPU speeds, They are using the new Peryn Chips (45nm) which makes them 10%-50% faster at the same clock speed when running applications.

And of course they now have the new MULTI TOUCH trackpads (Think iPhone & Mackbook Air) to allow for new finger gestures, etc…

Larger L2 Cache (3MB & 6MB)

And of course a few other small tweaks.

A big plus that one of the gadget blogs noted is that the new Penryns run quite a big cooler. :slight_smile:

I ordered the MBP 15" last Wednesday. It shipped Sat. So I should have it by tomorrow or Tuesday. :smiley:

Really looking forward to it. I am changing careers/jobs at the end of this month, and will be traveling quite it bit. This will be much easier to lug around than my four-year-old eMac! :laughing:



That is so great.

My Macbook Pro is only 6 months old so when I mentioned to my wife the news of the new one, she garbed my meat cleaver and began to chase me around the house making assorted death treats if i bought the new one.

From her tone and demeanor, I thing she might be opposed to the acquisition of a new machine at this time. I will try again next week and hide the cleaver.

Pray for me.


Hide the skillet as well. I think women have a gene that gives them the ability to fling any household item with deadly accuracy.

From personal experiance I woudl incourage you to hide the following additaionl items
Rolling pins
Frozen chicken (whole or parts)
Frozen beef (if she can through a whole one you are doomed so jsut die with dignity)
Frozen water (ice HURTS)
Frozen pork ribs.
Let’s make it easy and say “frozen things”
Thawed pork ribs. thawed pork chops are ok just rinse before grilling.
Spoons (they CAN inflict serious wounds if you do not duck quick enough)
Hard disks, RAM, heat sinks, power supplies, 3.5" floppy drives and PCI cards are deadly!
Wooden baby toys
Your son’s home made sword
Everything that you do not have welded or secured by some other extreamly touch method
Heck You should just move out, it would be easier.

Funny, but looking at this list of what I have had to duck at various times, the most tramatic are the ribs. Those suckers hurt physically and there is the emotional trama of telling the guests that dinner was going to be delayed because “the host is an ass”. they were not frozen, but the way they hit the gravel made it imposible to use them for dinner.

I some times wonder how we manage to stay together.

What I wonder is their super human ability to reload. By the time you are ducking the first projectile the second is already enroute destined to inflict maxium damage when you lift your head back up. They are able to time it so perfectly between shots that one is gonna hit you low and the other is gonna take your head off so your dead no matter which way you duck.

Earlier in my life I thought this was due to the SW (southern woman) need to a) keep men in line b) defense from afore mentioned men c) right of passage as the they are all tomboys and have 14 brothers (only thing more accurate with a rifle than a man with a daughter is a woman with a man).

Now that I have spent too many decades north of the Mason I find the the NW (northern woman) is jsut a deadly for all the opposite reasons. a) get the men out of line (at the club) and look at them b) agressive statement of attraction from the afore mentioned ice blooded men c) they have to do something to show a man that they can kill their own meals and aren’t just girly girls.

Now I realize that my experiance of the NW is very limited, but as I talk to othes they concur until their wives show up. At which point I am alone to accept the various projectiles hurled in my direction.