New Mac Sync feature "Documents in the Cloud"

Will Scrivener for OS X and IOS (looks like it will work on a PC as well using this new feature to sync? It would be awesome if it could!!!

The page you link to states that the feature is for “Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents” at the moment. Also, if you search the forum you will find various threads explaining the almost insurmountable technical difficulties involved in synchronising the package format, such as Scrivener uses for its projects, compared with the flat file format used by programs such as Pages. This makes it highly unlikely that Scrivener would ever be able to use iCloud, though I seem to remember that Keith said he would be keeping an eye on developments to see what might be possible in the future.

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Indeed. At the moment, iCloud is limited to apps that are bought via the Mac App Store, so if we ever implemented it, it would only work for the Mac App Store version. There are also many issues with getting it working with the sort of file format Scrivener uses at the moment. That’s not to rule it out forever, but you have to remember that, while Apple are free to implement such services in all their programs, they don’t make such services available to developers unless they are getting their cut via the App Store.

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You guys have to watch the keynote, it’s different now, there is an actual folder you can view that has all your documents that the sync’s apps are placed in, that show up on all Macs, IOS devices and on They truly have a “file system” feel. These folders are not limited to Apple documents alone and built into whatever app you choose (if the developer puts the code into the app).

Check it out, it’s at location 49:41 … index.html

And you really need to check out the developer documentation and re-read my previous reply. :slight_smile: There is nothing in the keynote showing an “actual folder”. The only thing shown was the browser screen built into Pages, Numbers and Preview. There was nothing about opening this up to apps outside of the Mac App Store (and in fact Apple have continually confirmed on the developer forums - which have unfortunately been down since the keynote - that there are no plans to make it work for non-MAS apps), and my previous explanation re. file format still stands. So unless you know something that wasn’t mentioned in the keynote yesterday, then all of the above still applies.

Hey guys, I’m just an enduser and don’t know anything about anything in the programming world, but correct me if I’m wrong; Didn’t it show pdf’s being dragged and dropped into this “menu” “folder” whatever you want to call it? and didn’t it show it was also app specific? I thought it was just different from the generic “icloud sync” and it did mention later in the keynote that it was opening this feature up to developers, so I thought it might be something new and exciting for you to “chew on”

But then again, I don’t know anything about anything in the programming world, thus, I thought I would just throw it out there, sounded like it could be an exciting development in Scrivener sync’ing.

No, I just checked again and he just shows dragging a file into the Preview iCloud documents grid view, which is built into Preview. I also just double-checked the updated iCloud developer documentation, which seems to have been updated for “Documents in the Cloud”, and it is very clear about two things:

  1. Only Mac App Store apps can use iCloud at all - so if we implemented it, we could only make it available to the minority of our users that use the Mac App Store.

  2. Apps that use iCloud have to use OS X’s version of autosave. This is a massive problem for Scrivener (which is why Scrivener isn’t compatible with Versions) - Scrivener currently has to use its own version of autosave. This is because Scrivener uses special project-loading code so that it only ever has to read into memory the files inside the .scriv package that the user requires for the current session. The way it does this is currently incompatible with OS X’s built-in autosave solution, unfortunately.

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Okay, sorry, I didn’t know, just thought something might have changed to make it easier for you…

If only. :slight_smile:

I still cant figure out how to save and access documents in icloud, so I’ve been sharing the files bewteen computers instead