New Mac user here - iCloud as a backup location?

This may be a mundane question, but I’ve been using the Windows version of Scrivener for years where the constant advice is to use Dropbox as the backup location. I see that iCloud is available to me on my new-to-me iMac, so I set it as the backup location where I send them as .ZIP files. I don’t need any file-sharing with others. It seems to be working fine, but I wonder if there’s a gotcha waiting for me. Is iCloud okay to use for the backup location?


Sure, that should be no problem. I’d definitely suggest keeping the .zip option enabled when storing backups online, it just makes transfers simpler and reduces the chances for errors (versus copying thousands of files at once whenever you back up a large project).

But zip backups in general are very safe with just about any online storage tool, it’s a very simple request to upload one file like that.

Just checking. True that Scrivener advocates using Dropbox as the backup location? Or is it the sync location? Those are two different things, right?

Yes, sync and backup are different things.

Scrivener only supports Dropbox for synchronization with iOS Scrivener, for technical reasons having to do with the Scrivener project format.

Scrivener is agnostic about backup services, and about synchronization between Mac/PC devices. Best practices for using Scrivener with cloud services can be found here:

As a general rule, I recommend not storing your backups in the same place/with the same service as your live projects. You don’t want a single event to be able to wipe out both.


Edit: You may find that some users strongly advocate for Dropbox and only Dropbox for synchronization between Macs/PCs. That is not an official position of Literature & Latte. However, Dropbox is the service we use internally, and therefore the one with which we have the most direct experience.

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I use Dropbox for all synching of projects regardless of platform as I do have several I’ve synced with iOS. Makes sense to gave all live projects in one place. Backups, iCloud for Mac and one-drive for Win, not for any reason other than to spread the use of free level cloud.

I do actually have 2tb of iCloud, but that is about to drop back to much smaller level at the end of the month.