I’ve twice purchased Scrivener in the past two years (the second time accidentally - long story).
I have recently upgraded to a Mac as I found Windows to be unreliable for both business and writing purposes.
I have the Serial numbers in my email - but having tried to install Scrivener on my Mac it says the numbers are not valid.
Do I have to purchase it a third time to use on the Mac? I no longer have the Windows PC’s as they died - so am not using the Windows Scrivener - but need to be using it as I’m falling behind with my writing and cannot open the documents on the Mac without the Serial number.
Can someone please help, I need to get this sorted.

Hi Emma,

I hate being the bearer of bad news but yes, you have to buy Scrivener for Mac. The licences are not cross-platform.

The reasons I’ll leave to members of the LitNLat team to explains why.

Congratulations on buying your new Mac though. I hope you enjoy the experience the platform offers.

If you are desperate to to start writing and can’t afford the purchase right now, you could consider running a Linux Virtual Machine on your Mac and running the latest version of Scrivener for Linux. It’s buggy, not as fully featured, but its file format is interoperable with the latest Mac and Windows versions. It will do in the short term.

Setting up a Linux VM is free, but requires some technical knowledge. PM me if you want assistance. :smiley:

The circumstance of having accidentally purchased two Windows licenses, if it were me, would compel me to contact L&L (, explain the circumstance and politely ask them if they’d consider transferring one of them to Mac (fully understanding they’re not required to do so).

Plan B – Currently, if you have a Windows or Mac license, you’re eligible for a $15.00 discount as explained here : … ac-version

Following the link on that page and the appropriate one on the subsequent page, ends up at a page requesting the e-mail address you registered with in order to start the discount process.

Talk to these lovely guys because I had similar situation and they were really helpful, just send them a nice email and tell them your situation, it never hurts to ask. I think these guys are great and this is an amazing forum, software is brilliant.