New MacBooks, accessories & laptop Scrivener tips.

Apple just announced marvelously attractive new unibody aluminum MacBooks with LED backlighting, a Multi-touch trackpad, and NVIDA graphics for $1299 and $1599. Apple has the details at: … co=MTE3MjA

No Firewire port though. Those into heavy audio/video work may not be happy about that.

They’ve kept one of white plastic models in production, dropping the price $100 to $999. If your budget is tight, that should mean even better prices from Apple’s refurb stock soon. The best current price is $849.

You can find details about the new MacBook Pro models at: … co=MTI4MDI

A bit more features, especially in graphics, for substantially more money, $1999 and $2499. The appearance of the two lines is now virtually identical but for the screen size. And for those who’re wondering, a 13-in screen is more than enough for Scrivener.

There’s also a new LED Cinema display designed to mate well with a laptop, including a Mag-Safe power cable.

I can’t give more details because Apple’s US store is so heavily loaded, I keep getting an “Error Serving Request” message when I try to go there.

No super-small netbook model though. My hunch is that, if Apple ever does one, it’ll have iPhone-like touch screen features and more flash memory than most, so it can run OS-X well.

My own comments: Judging by the pictures, these new MacBooks look really beautiful, so I suspect they’ll grow Apple’s laptop share even more. You might get a good deal on a used MacBook from someone eager to upgrade to one of these beauties.

The aggressive pricing (for Apple) must be what Apple meant when it told investors a few months back that their profits would be taking a hit this quarter. My hunch is that the new price only makes sense for Apple’s bottom line if they sell a lot of them, grabbing a still larger market share. Microsoft will not be happy at that. No, not happy at all.

Feel free to comment on these new models, any accessories you find useful with your current MacBook, and any handy tips on using Scrivener with a laptop.

–Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Seattle

Waaaaa! I wanna updated Mini!

Refurbished MacBook Air is now $1350, which is about what I felt it should go for on day one.

Aside from the lack of firewire, I am thrilled by the utter simplicity of the new Macbook. I expect to upgrade as soon as is practical. By which I mean “As soon as I’m sure no one is buying me one for Christmas.”

Disappointed that we have not yet received the inevitable L&L post about how the drive for newer and better technology is ruinous to society in general, and the craft of writing in particular, and how we should really all be carving our manuscripts on stone tablets, because that was good enough for Moses…

P.S. I think it’s important to note that the white Macbook still exists, and it’s now under $1000 US. I want to commend Apple for retaining that choice. For writers, especially, the “old” Macbook is a great little nugget of technology, and will serve you well for years to come!

Strictly on the basis of aesthetics, I emphatically agree! I have long stated that the very first “Titanium” PowerBook that was released earlier this decade was the highest threshold for Apple design (again, from a purely aesthetic standpoint), and all of their laptops since then have been lesser imitations of the purity and simplistic elegance of it. From the photographs, it looks like they have finally crested that level of near artistic machine design again, and from the looks of it, have surpassed even the original. I have yet to see it in person, but yes, it looks exquisitely beautiful.

Now to see how well it performs. :slight_smile: Will it turn brown and green after three months?

I like the new macBooks, but the black border around the display doesn’t fit well. Other than that and the lack of firewire, I would buy one if I ever had enough to do so.

Its alright if you are in the US.

But in Australia, they have released the new line at a much higher price than the last one, and I believe (but am not certain) that even the remaining white one has seen an increase rather than a decrease in price.


Yes, the black border is the most touchy. Given that it is glass covered, it might come out looking really neat though, with the machined casing around it. That one is hard to tell by the photos. The border in general is one area where I feel the original Titanium has it beat for sure. The thin, neutral gray metal casing on that was perfect.

Black keyboard?


Something wrong with the MBP silver?

Now THAT would have caught my eye. As it is all I see is a metal dell.


It’s the same keyboard that’s on the MBA, so a completely different design, not just a different color. I, personally, love the MBA keyboard so it’s great to see it on the new MBs and MB Pros. :slight_smile:

Edited to add: I think all but the bottom rung aluminum MB has the lighted keyboard. Now that is something that’s well worth the price of admission.

I do like the backlit keys on my MBP. I just wonder if they had to go with black. I am not fond of it on the air either, but the air is so unique that it does not look “cheap” like it does on the new books. I am sure that it is functional and all, but one of the things I really like about my MBP is that is looks as good (to me) as it works.

Then again I am not known for seeing things the way others do.

I’m with you Jason. I have an MBP — “Maxime” — and an MBA — “Minime” — and I have to say, I much prefer the look, and more importantly the feel of the MBP keyboard. I don’t think the MBA looks cheap — it certainly wasn’t :slight_smile: — but I’ll have to reserve judgement on the MBs. If they’d come up with a new 17" MBP, I’d probably be counting my bawbees already, even though I don’t actually need a new one. But I love the screen-space on the 17"!

Since I went from Powerbook to MBA, I don’t know if the older MBP’s keys are the same as the PB’s or not. While I like the keys on the PB just fine, the ones on the MBA are perfect, imo. :smiley: Even have a little Apple BT keyboard with keys very like the MBA’s for my Mini.

Again, I may be comparing… well, Fujis to Galas, but the backlit keyboard on the PB is not nearly so bright as the keys on the MBA. I like the look of the new MBPs and, personally think the black keys look nice balancing with the black screen frame. (All personal taste, I know.)

Mark, I read on one of the Apple tech blogs that the 17" version probably won’t appear until early next year, but that could be just a rumor and not a ‘fact’. :slight_smile:

I prefer the black keys, actually. I always felt the opposite about it than most, I guess, as the silver-ish keys looked way cheaper to me than the original keys did. But, the main thing of concern with the new design is the same problem the MBA and MB have: You either need to be very brave, or enlist the aid of a tech to do something as simple as cleaning out the keyboard. I’m guessing the new single-piece metal body will make this even more of a tech thing. There are always keyboard protectors, but they generally look hideous; restrict venting; and I don’t like the way even the thinnest of them feel.

Actually there is something wrong with the aluminium keyboard on the MacBook Pro: the letters rub off. I’ve looked online and I’m not the only person who’s experienced this. The letters A, S, N and M, and to a lesser degree E, D and C have all smudged and worn. I haven’t worn handcream or even used the keys all that much, as I’ve got a separate keyboard. I imagine this is part of the reason they’ve gone for black.


I just bought one. I got the one with the backlit keyboard etc. It is just so pretty, it makes me want to cry. I’m more than happy with it.

Just dropped in to gloat…