New Media File

I like the feature New Media File in Scrivener 2.2, but It would be good a New Media File button.
I would like to file in a folder called by default Research> Media Files, for example.

Hi Qlibet,

I’m not quite sure what you mean, sorry - could you elaborate?

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I am editing a text in the draft.
I select Project>New Media File.
The window for record appears. I talk. Pause.
Message: Audio notes cannot be created in the Draft or Trash folders - please select the location at which you would like the audio note to be created in the binder, corkboard or outliner and try again.
Try again? Oh, my God.
Why waste my recording? Can not decide Scrivener create a file in Research? A folder named Recordings? A file named with the date and hour? Is it possible?
Also, I wish a specific button on the toolbar.
Sorry for my bad english.

You don’t need to record anything again - just click on the place in the binder you would like to save it and then click “Save” again, that’s all.

Hope that helps.

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Ok, thanks. Very easy. :confused:

Anyway, it seems don’t work fine in full screen.

Do you mean Lion’s full screen mode or composition mode? It should work in Lion’s full screen mode, but it won’t work in composition mode.

Regarding the button from the main toolbar, maybe “New Picture from Camera” and “New Audio Note” could be added to the menu for the existing “Add” button, below “Import webpage”?

Lion’s full screen mode.

It’s working fine for me in Lion’s full screen mode - are you sure you haven’t got something in the Draft selected again? Could you give more details?

MM - no, I thought about that but want to keep these items out of the way, as they use imperfect OS X technologies and are not primary features.

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I am editing a text in the draft. Then I select Project>New Media File>New audio note. I pulse the red button, and after the save button. When I select now in the binder the folder Research, the record window disappears. When exit Lion’s full screen mode the window is here again.
If I select the folder Research (or another inside) before I pulse the save button, the record window disappears also, and appears when exit Lion’s full screen mode.

You can bring it back to the front again by going to Project > New Media File > New Audio Note… again - as it’s just a regular window, it will disappear behind the current window when you click around in the main window. I should probably change it to being a utility panel to hover above other windows, but the problem with that is that it will then float above all projects, even when you switch projects.
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Ok.Thanks for your time and patience.