New member and writer

Hi everyone,

I am new here, so just thought I would introduce myself. I am fairly new to writing, I downloaded Scrivener trial in an attempt to organise my sometimes chaotic mind, and it seems to have worked. What was once a jumble of words and thoughts seems to slowly be taking shape. So I’ve now bought the full version, and am looking forward to seeing what extras are on there.

I don’t really call myself an author, or a writer, i am just a person who enjoys writing. I was attacked about six years ago whilst travelling home from work, and took to writing as a form of therapy. I rediscovered my awfully written book about a year ago, and felt I owed it to the characters I had created to finish it. So I’ve pulled it apart, rewritten it several times, woken in the middle of the night with ideas that I had to make note of there and then, and now I have something I am almost proud of. I’ve seen lots of good advice as I’ve read through the various threads, so hopefully soon I will feel confident enough to post snippets to ask for any tips and advice.

What was once one short story, has now turned into three short stories, all of which cross over at various points, and are from different character perspectives. Meaning every time I alter one, I have to go back and alter all three. I sometimes feel as if I have taken on slightly too much, and I just need to start at the beginning, but being as I feel the first book is the weakest of the three, I’m struggling with the best way to go about editing/rewriting. I do sometimes wonder why on earth I started this in the first place!

I look forward to speaking with experienced writers, and other ‘writing newbies’ alike :slight_smile:


Hi there Mia, and welcome to the forum!

It certainly sounds like you’ve got quite the editing task ahead of you, keeping those threads aligned! Would love to hear how you go about managing it all, and look forward to reading the snippets. :smiley:

Welcome aboard Scrivener, Mia, and keep up the good work, :wink:
Take care